Cercis Canadensis Plant 002

Cercis canadensis in white painting pot

Why we love this plant?

  • Small version of Cercis canadensis tree
  • Beautiful meaning involved in affluence and happiness
  • Low maintenance and easy to care
  • Clean the air and repel mosquitoes
Useful Information
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Family: Fabaceae
Common Name: Cercis canadensis, Eastern

Plant care:

  • Watering: Depending on the conditions of the tree, we balance the water, usually the tree in the office environment, we water once a week or we notice when the soil turns dry, then add about 2-3 days for the soil is completely dry, then we need to water every time, just water the soil, not too much water and water the plants many times to get inundated
  • Light: Although the tree can live in indoor conditions, but the nature of the  Cercis canadensis loves sunshine, morning sunlight until 8 am and after 17 pm  is the ideal sunlight, or use net to cover 30% of light when it is outdoors , plants should be kept indoors on the porch, under electric light, in a cool place.
  • Soil: The Cercis Canadensis shows the best growth in moist sites. It does not like wet feet, though, so proper drainage is essential.
    Both acidic and alkaline soils will be tolerated. It can also work if you have clay soil, but you will definitely need to make sure that it drains


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