Fiddle Leaf Fig 001

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Fiddle Leaf Fig in white painting pot

Why we love this plant?

  • Small version of fiddle leaf fig.
  • Symbolizes wealth, wealth and brings good luck.
  • Low maintenance and not hard to care.
  • Clean the air.
  • Brings positive energy to their owner.
Useful Information
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Orgin: Western Africa.
Common Name:Fiddle Leaf Fig, Ficus Lyrata, Ficus Pandurata.

Plant care:

  • Watering: Water when the top soil becomes slightly dry and reduce watering in the winter. The worst thing to do is to over water (not underwater) because lack of water is easily fixed, unlike the damage from over-watering.
  • Light: A brightly lit spot is needed without direct sunlight, although a small amount of daily sun is good (not mid afternoon sun).
  • Soil: A good draining potting soil is needed which could include part bark and perlite.
    This plant a does not have a strong need for fertilizer like some other ficus trees have. During the spring and summer I would provide the plant with a feed of diluted liquid fertilizer once a month.



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