Peace Lily

Peace Lily in white pattern pot

Why we love this plant?

  • Luxurious and so beautiful.
  • Symbolize peace and harmony in families.
  • Bringing positive energy as a motivation to overcome illness and disease.
  • Clean the air and improve your space.
Useful Information
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Orgin: South America.
Common Name:Peace Lily, Spathe flower, Spathiphyllum Wallisii

Plant care:

  • Watering: This plant does drink a lot of water in the summer. Keeping the soil moist (not over watered) and allowing it to dry slightly near the top is a good idea. If in the winter the soil stays slightly damp for a couple of weeks or more, that’s good, don’t water any more. Your plant will let you know when it needs more.
  • Light: As mentioned above they like light, however, direct sunshine can damage plant leaves. A mixture of light and shade is great, if you can provide it. If you see the leaves yellowing this could be caused by too much sun light.
  • Soil: A peat based potting mix with perlite is ideal or other peat based mixes. Re-potting each spring is the usual drill.


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